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"Sweet Charity" Reviews:
There is plenty to savor, not least new,
exhilarating choreography by Lainie Munro...
-The New York Times

...Lainie Munro's choreography is vibrant and sharp...
"Sweet Charity" is worth seeing for its dances...

The liveliest sequences are the dance numbers...
Munro goes her own non-Fosse way in "Rich Man's Frug"

...terrific dances from choreographer Lainie Munro.

Choreographer Lainie Munro does a more than decent job
with such classic numbers, occasionally referencing
Fosse's signature moves without imitating them.
-New York Post


I decided that it was time to change my reaction to hearing that there would be a movement call after the singing and acting portion of an audition. My first reaction to having to dance was usually anger at myself for not taking classes and the second reaction was usually terror.  I needed to change my attitude through positive action.  I had heard about Lainie’s teaching style from a friend in musical theatre, so I signed up for her Absolute Beginner Workshop. Lainie broke the steps down and was very encouraging and committed to our class.  I really enjoyed dancing with the same group of people over the 6 week course. I felt empowered as I gained confidence in my abilities each week.  Lainie’s class was a safe place to learn and to be challenged. I started to actually enjoy dancing. After completing the ABW, I continued with Lainie’s Beginner classes.  Now instead of being terrified by the thought of having to dance, I feel challenged and excited about learning. I just booked the 9 to 5 tour and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to express myself through acting, singing and dance!
- Lori Hammel

A class with Lainie is Prozac for the soul!
- Jeryl B.

Lainie is the most supportive, positive, enthusiastic, passionate, and skilled dance teacher I have ever worked with.
- Lisa G.

Lainie is such an encouraging and inspiring teacher that she made my return to dance a fun and exciting experience rather than a frustrating one. I've been dancing ever since and even gained some dance captain credits on my resume. Thanks Lainie!
- Tina F.

Lainie is such an amazing dancer and choreographer! She is an excellent teacher. I appreciate her positive energy, patience, and encouragement so much. I leave class each week inspired.
- Laura S.

Her energy and optimism are infectious. And last year I picked up my first Dance Captain credit! Thanks, Lainie!
- Amanda W.

Lainie made me believe in myself as a performer, and the person who taught me that dancing is about so much more than just technique.
-Anna L